The HiMEX end-to-end UBI platform integrates seamlessly with your management systems to launch your UBI program efficiently. Add our mobile app and build brand and customer loyalty instantly.


The HiMEX fast-track implementation process steps you from strategy development and product design to customer fulfillment to launch your UBI program in just months.

Most Complete

HiMEX future-proofs your investment in UBI through market-leading evolution of its consumer engagement, device compatibility, logistics, system integration, big data, claims management capabilities.

Game Changing UBI

HiMEX UBI 3DTM is the shortest, fastest and most complete route to the benefits of usage based insurance, smart fleet management and connected claims.

Leveraging our unique 3D platform, HiMEX delivers a game-based virtual world that provides your drivers a fun, engaging experience. Our Game Changing UBI improves driving behavior, attracts new customers, and increases your revenue and customer retention.

HiMEX Intelligent Claims Environment (ICETM) modernizes the property and casualty claim handling process by leveraging proprietary connected vehicle technology to compress the claim lifecycle, including automated crash detection and notification... more


The HIMEX UBI 3D platform is at the center of everything we do. Combining sophisticated telematics systems with patent pending processes. Our UBI 3D platform brings together the entire process of implementing and managing UBI and fleet management programs.

As well as drastically reducing implementation time, our UBI 3D platform incorporates a gamification layer that drastically increases user engagement. Powered by the HIMEX 3D Virtual World, real or virtual game-based incentives & rewards are used to change driving behavior, heighten consumer satisfaction and reduce the financial impact of claims.

A Common Platform for Personal and Commercial Lines Insurance or Business Fleet Management

Infrastructure Mobile Gamification 3D Virtual World
Launch pad for products and services
A highly configurable platform seamlessly integrates game design elements with your agency, quoting, policy and claims management, actuarial, pricing, product design and consumer service systems
Combining sophisticated telematics with patent pending processes, the UBI 3D™ Platform brings together the process of implementing and managing a usage based insurance program.


Our suite of UBI 3DTM products match your unique Usage Based Insurance needs. From our UBI in a Box™ solution designed to get your UBI program to market fast, to our advanced intelligent claims solution. HiMEX has the right UBI product to meet your business objectives.

For more information or to discuss a Pilot program please contact us.

Personal lines, Commercial lines and Claims

Designed and customized for fast launch, seamlessly integrated with your policy and claims management and agent systems.


UBI 3D Personal

Bespoke product

  • Customized UBI rating and Underwriting
  • Highly configurable logistics
  • Optional mobile app
UBI in a BoxTM

Standardized product

  • Pre-configured UBI rating and underwriting
  • Pre-defined enrollment and logistics
  • Configurable UBI 3D app


UBI 3D Business

Standardized product

  • Small business product with less u/w and loss control customization
  • Predefined logistics
  • Leading edge fleet app
UBI 3D Artisan

UBI discount designed for sole proprietors

  • Customized UBI rating and Underwriting
  • Configurable logistics



  • e-FNOL
  • Automated Crash Detection
  • Rapid 3rd party notification
  • Event replay
  • Workflow
Himex offers choices to match your strategy and market plans
all delivered from our common UBI 3D Platform™


HIMEX 3D Fleet enables your business to maximize the efficiency of your commercial vehicles through industry-leading, real-time monitoring of vehicle locations, collisions (with severity), movement, status, and behavior.

Gain immediate, around-the-clock insight to employee driving performance, plan and view individual vehicle routing, receive scheduled maintenance alerts, minimize fuel and insurance costs, and increase operational safety and productivity - all through the use of wireless technology and intelligent web-based software.

Management Insight. Operational Control.

Tracking and managing mobile resources — fleets of vehicles, drivers, and other valuable assets — is a basic, yet critical, requirement for maximum business performance. Rising labor costs and fluctuating fuel expenses force companies to find better ways to manage assets and cut costs. Are you getting top fleet productivity out of your expenditures? How do you start a fleet management program?

UBI 3D Fleet offers the industry’s shortest, fastest, most complete route to the implementation of fleet telematics and a business fleet program.

  • A holistic approach to manage the entire fleet telematic experience
  • Reduce maintenance costs and fuel expense
  • Reinforce employee safety and increase productivity
  • Protect valued assets: employees, clients, and vehicles
  • Reduce the financial impact of claims and losses through e-FNOLTM
Business Fleets Product Details Return On Investment Success Stories


The HIMEX Team brings unparalleled depth of experience in telematics, insurance, project management and game-based design - everything you need to set a clear strategy and roadmap for successful implementation.

To discuss a Pilot program please contact us.

Usage Based Insurance and Smart Fleet Management


Everything you need for UBI: devices, product platform, systems integration, logistics, mobile apps, and analytics.

The entire value chain and all consumer experiences
  • Devices & Network
  • Telematics & Operational Data
  • Product Development
  • Compatibility Enrollment & Service
  • Policy & Claims Management
  • Analytics Data Display

Learn all practical aspects of telematics programs in 8 weeks. Go to market in 120 days from conclusion of a pilot.

Most Complete

Our future-proof platform integrates evolving technology, product innovation and data management.

Technology Evolution
  • Constant improvement in telematics devices
  • Emerging OEM opportunities
  • Increased use of mobile applications
Product Innovation
  • Mobile products
  • Claim Response - FNOL
  • Gamification for UBI 3D
  • Target programs - teen, concierge services
  • Analytics
Big Data Management
  • Evolution of geospatial and game based data
  • Compression techniques
  • Infrastructure, skills and tools
The HIMEX team: Unparalleled depth of experience in telematics, insurance, project leadership and game-based design


HIMEX offers the shortest, fastest and most complete route to the immediate benefits of usage based insurance and smart fleet management. Leveraging our unique platform, we use a game-based virtual world to enable carriers to create fun, engaging customer experiences that change driving behavior, attract new customers, and increase retention.

Our Story.

Founded in 2010, HIMEX is a privately-held company, with headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ and offices in London. HIMEX acquired The Evogi Group in 2012, enabling the combined operation to offer its patent pending gamification enabled usage based insurance and smart fleet management solutions.

Our approach to usage based insurance combines sophisticated telematics systems with the HIMEX UBI 3Dtm Virtual World platform. A fully rendered 3D virtual world places drivers in their own social environment while on the move, with game results and rewards.

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